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Green Building Policy

Lumber and building material dealers occupy a unique place between product manufacturers and builders and homeowners and are well-situated to bring new technologies and environmentally-preferred products into the supply chain.  NLMBDA members are increasingly participating in the residential green building movement as they respond to the growing interest in environmentally-friendly building materials.  Even as the housing market has struggled, dealers report an increase in demand for “green” products. NLBMDA supports responsible forest practices and our members are committed to sourcing products from sustainably-managed forests. NLBMDA is leading an effort to establish an “eco-label” on wood products to more readily identify them as certified by one of the commonly recognized certification bodies, and enable dealers to more easily source certified wood products. Green building provides an opportunity to promote wood as the most "sustainable" and "green" choice for construction. We believe that the market will determine which program or programs are preferable for certain applications, and are concerned that stifling competition in this rapidly developing field could have unintended consequences of limiting further innovation. We urge Congress to support green building without imposing mandates that give preference to only one green rating system.

  • As green building becomes more prevalent, NLBMDA will support voluntary programs that promote sound science and that do not result in costly mandates or unfairly limit competition among certified wood products or other materials.
  • NLBMDA supports tax credits and incentives for energy-efficient products, materials and construction.