Delivery & Fleet Safety Training

Protecting People, Property, and Materials

The Delivery & Fleet Safety (DFS) program is an invaluable safety tool that will help you train employees to be a safer, more productive and efficient workforce. A DFS-trained driver is smarter, achieves better fuel efficiency, lowers maintenance costs, and reduces material damage.

The DFS program includes:

  • Industry-Specific Video, DVD, and Handbook: Demonstrates all aspects of safe and proper loading and transporting of materials from the yard to the job site; provides education on and assistance with OSHA/ FMCSA regulations. Ten handbooks are provided.
  • Trainer's Manual: Walks you through the step-by-step process to conduct your own training session with a list of the key concepts to highlight and discuss.
  • DFS Poster and Certificates: Outlines, in full color, the basic key concepts for a daily visual reminder of lessons presented. Ten certificates recognizing completion of training are also provided.

Pricing and Other Information:

Full Delivery & Fleet Safety Training Kit (DVD, Handbook, Trainer's Manual, Poster and Certificates:

Members: $199
Non-Members: $349


Full Delivery & Fleet Safety Training DVD Only:

Members: $60
Non-Members: $85


Interested in what you should expect from the Delivery & Fleet Safety Training Program? Preview the content in this short clip.

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